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William Dunne
Biographical information





March 20th, 1950 (42 years old)

Physical description

Caucasian (Irish descent)



Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Portrayed By

Paul Eischeid

Familial and political information

Sons of Satan Motorcycle Club

Miscellaneous information
Owned vehicles

1989 Harley Davidson Softail Bobber

William Dunne frequently referred to as Irish or plainly Billy by his friends, is a forty-two year old Irish-American Harley Davidson enthusiast involved deeply with the Sons of Satan Motorcycle Club where he currently holds the rank of Vice President. He has been an active member of the club since its early days in the 1970s, joining at the age of twenty and working his way through the ranks with hard work and dedication. He is a close friend of club President Clemence Foreman and has been since his early days with the club. William is known for being a conceited and openly racist individual, having interests imbedded in Satanism and Nazism as exemplified by his sadistic actions against people of color, various tattoos and by the selection of patches on his vest.

  • The Sons of Satan backpatch, found on William's vest.
  • The Vice President patch.
  • DILLIGAF patch.
  • The infamous 1%er patch.
  • William's Irish Pride patch.
  • A patch symbolizing Nazism.
  • One of William's many satanic patches.
  • A self explanatory patch worn by William.
  • The death card, a patch usually meaning the bearer has committed murder.
  • A pentagram patch referring to the Sons of Satan name.
  • A patch referring to the 13th letter, M, which can mean Marijuana or Motorcycle.
  • A patch exemplifying William's cruel behavior towards immigrants.
  • Yet another patch of William's referring to Nazism.

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