Adrian O'Neil
Biographical information





August 21st, 1956 (Age 36)
New York City, New York

Physical description

Caucasian (Irish/Italian Descent)


190 cm

Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Portrayed By

Peter Greene

Familial and political information
Known family

Patrick O'Neil (Father)
Maria Bertone (Mother)

Miscellaneous information


Adrian O'Neil (born August 21st, 1956) is a free-employed criminal and smuggler from Bronx, New York.

Introduction Edit

O'Neil is known for his connections with New York Five Families and running his own crew called "O'Neil's Crew" in 80s which was operating with Fencing and later with drug trafficking. For unknown reason the crew disbanded is 1987. Some members like Jamal Williamson African-American member of the crew was shot to death two weeks later after the disband. Some members even later sticked with O'Neil and continue working together but until current day it is known that O'Neil most of the time cooperates alone with bigger criminal organization and does one-time jobs for them.

Current State Edit

Nowadays, O'Neil became somehow respected persona in underworld around The States. It is currently unknown why he became that kind or personality in criminal world but it's rumored about O'Neil being under the wing of some big-time mobster, working for him after when the crew disbanded. Today like 5 years ago working one-time jobs for various criminal organizations from being delivery boy to hitman.

=== Criminal Record ===

1981: Possession of illegal firearm - SERVED
(6 months in NY State Prison)

1985: First degree murder - ACQUITTED
(Released due to lack of evidences)

1986: Armed Robbery - DROPPED
(Lack of evidences)

1988: Possession of illegal drug: Cocaine - SERVED
(Served 2.5 years in NY state prison. Released due to good behavior)

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